Vibrant culture on the streets of Bolivia

Article published in Fönstret
November 2017
By Rocio Lloret 

Bolivia. The cultural life in Bolivia’s two biggest cities depicts a modern country full of ambition, yet deeply anchored in history, religion, and cultural identity.
It is 850 kilometers between the financial hub of Santa Cruz and the political capital La Paz, a journey that starts in a tropical climate and ends in the Andes, 3 900 metres above sea level.

Santa Cruz is the largest and fastest growing city in the country, much thanks to a thriving economy that attracts Bolivians from all over the nation. The culture is heavily influenced by the Jesuits and lately the local government are trying to  revive the old traditions by gastronomical festivals and musicals. Otherwise it is usually private initiatives – often from immigrants – that back cinemas, art exhibitions and cultural centres.

La Paz is situated in a concave shaped valley, surrounded by snow clad mountains. The narrow streets are reminiscent of the colonial past and monuments from the 16th and 17th centuries are scattered all over town.

Article published in Fönstret, November 2017. Full article (in Swedish) here:–har-sjuder-gator-och-torg-av-kultur/


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