Time for Peru to choose its path

Article published in Göteborgsposten
10 April 2016
By Jorge Riveros-Cayo
Photos: Martin Mejia

Peru. The Presidential election is coming up in Peru, and it looks like it will be a tight race, with Keiko Fujimori in the lead. She’s the daughter of the previous president Alberto Fujimori, who at present is serving a 24 year long prison sentence for corruption and crimes against human rights.

Keiko Fujimori has had around 30 percent of the votes in the polls, but the last few months that number has increased to 40 percent, which means she has a big chance at winning the election in the first round. But her father’s history means a lot of people are upset she might become the president.

Full article (in Swedish) here: http://www.gp.se/nyheter/v%C3%A4rlden/dags-f%C3%B6r-peru-att-v%C3%A4lja-v%C3%A4g-1.185221

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