The importance of disciplining your children

Article published in Svenska Dagbladet
September 19, 2016
By Maina Wairuru

Kenya. Njau and Lydia Dancun  live with their four daughters in Uthiru, a suburb of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.  They work hard to make sure their children can go to school, and when it comes to raising them, discipline is the most important cornerstone.  Njau is worried about his 16-year old daughter, Wairimu, who was suspended from school for two weeks last year after skipping class.

“We really wanted to hammer it home to the girls that a lack of discipline can never be tolerated. Therefore we made sure that the principal punished them by letting them clean the school” says Njau. “Considering how hard I work to be able to pay the school fees it is not acceptable that they skive.”

The parents are raising their children based on Christian values and they do not want them to socialise with friends whose family does not go to church, as they might not share the same values. The daughters are only allowed to watch television when the parents are at home, and never after 10pm.
“Later then that the shows are often inappropriate. I’ve noticed that they pick up bad habits from what they watch” says Njau, and talks about a pair of inappropriate trousers that Wairimu bought. The trousers were confiscated and demonstratively used as a rag to clean the floor.

Article published in Svenska Dagbladet, 19/9-2016. Full article (in Swedish) here:

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