Terror after wave of brutal killings in Bangladesh

Article published in Svenska Dagbladet
3 May 2016
By Sushmita Preetha
Photos: Taslima Akhter

 Roopban is the first magazine for HBTQ people in Bangladesh, and its headquarters has turned into a murder scene. The 25 April, Roopban’s editor Xulhas Mannan and his friend Tanay Majumdar were murdered and dismembered. The local militia group Ansar al-Islam, who is said to have connections to al-Qaida, have claimed responsibiity for the murders. Their motivation being that Xulhus and Tanay worked to promote homosexuality.

Full article (in Swedish) here:: http://www.svd.se/skracken-vem-star-nast-pa-tur


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