Polio is getting eradicated

Article published in Göteborgsposten
21 December 2015
By Rina Saeed Khan
Photos: Muhammad Furqan

Islamabad. At the health clinic in the G-9 district of Islamabad, free polio vaccine is given in drips. Doctor Zeenat Mahtab says that a lot of people refuse the drops because of rumours and false information spread by the taliban.

“It is rumoured that the polio vaccine causes infertility in children and that it makes them sick. Now we’ve finally been able to get religious leaders to publicly state that there are no issues with the polio drips and that they actually are very important for a child’s health”, she says.

Full article (in Swedish) here:  http://www.gp.se/nyheter/v%C3%A4rlden/nu-%C3%A4r-polion-p%C3%A5-v%C3%A4g-bort-1.179351

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