In Kenya the truck drivers’ road goes through corruption and dangers

Published in Arbetet
15 May 2019
By Kimani Chege

Kenya. As a young boy in Ndeiya, 50 kilometres north of Nairobi, George Gachuhi used to trek for several kilometres just to sit alongside the highway admiring how the long distance trucks were meticulously negotiating bends as they descended the escarpment separating Kenyan highlands with the Rift Valley.

Decades later, George Gachuhi, now 34, comfortably sits on the driver’s seat to one of these monster machines to drive a distance of over 1100 kilometres on dangerous roads of the both Kenya and Uganda. The Mombasa to Kampala Route is one of the most active highways in Africa.

We meet with Gachuhi as he changes a worn out
tyre at Kikuyu area, on the outskirts of Nairobi.

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