Colombia: The taste of poverty

Article published in Omvärlden
6 August 2019
By Gerald Bermudez

When Diana Gordillo tastes a slice of mortadella sausage, she experiences the same feelings of luxury that she did as a hunger-stricken child. But for most well-off Colombians mortadella is still associated with poverty.

“People in the middle-class, which is where I now find myself, find foods popular with poor people repulsive,” she says. “In order not to seem different I usually say I don’t like mortadella, even though I actually love it!

“In the nice public school where I work, a colleague turned down guava juice because she said it tastes of poverty. This made me uncomfortable and sad – so many people deny their background, even though a big portion of Colombia’s middle-class grew up under much simper circumstances.'”

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