Blind football commentator

Article published in Perspektiv
29 October 2015
Av Didier Bikorimana

Rwanda.  A big part of what you can hear on the radio in Rwanda is about sport, it could be a report from the English Premier League, or a discussion about who the world’s greatest football player is. You may be listening toLéonidas Ndayisaba’s voice. He’s 35 years old, an appreciated sports commentator – and he’s blind.

“I’ve always enjoyed listening to football on the radio. It’s probably about the atmosphere and the commentators’ passion and choice of words”, he says.

Léonidas uses Braille in his work and listens a lot to the radio himself. During the live reports of big football games he usually works with a seeing colleague who comments the games. Léonidas jumps in with statistics, player profiles, and other details that help making the reports fuller and more interesting.

In 2008, the National University of Rwanda started accepting students with low vision for the first time in 45 years. It was in line with the country’s policy of “education for all”.