Ethiopia – basking in Peace Prize glory

Article published in Fönstret
#4 2019
By Hiwot Abebe

Ethiopians have long been proud to come from one of only two African countries never to have been colonised, writes journalist Hiwot Abebe. Now many fellow citizens are also basking in the glory of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Alis for introducing press freedom  and releasing political prisoners.

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Senegal – passionate and colourful

Article published in Fönstret
#3 2019
Av Ngoundji Dieng

Culture-rich Senegal’s first president was also a poet, and the country’s biggest football stadium is named after him. Next to the Leopold Sédar Senghor stadium is an artists’ village. In the capital, Dakar, painters, sculptors and potters display their work along the beachside highway.

Senegal also has a proud film tradition. After the internationally acclaimed director Sembène Ousmane’s last film in 2004 (Moolaadéabout six girls who run away to avoid genital mutilation) and his death in 2007 the movie lights dimmed, but now Senegalese cinema has been reignited by a new generation of directors.

Full article (in Swedish) here: https://www.fonstret.se/artikelarkivet/kulturland/senegal/

Colombia – magical and multicultural

Article published in Fönstret
By Constanza Bruno

The country of magical realism is also the country of pluralism. There are a mix of ethnicities here: native, black, white, mestizo, and romani. But Colombians identify more with the region they’re from, like costeños (those from the coast), paisas (from the mountains) or rolos (from the capital Bógota and the inner parts of the country). Each group speaks with its own accent and has its own customs.

Full article (in Swedish) here: https://www.fonstret.se/artikelarkivet/kulturland/colombia–magiskt-och-multikulturellt/

Pakistan – the world’s best kept secret

Article published in Fönstret
#3, 2018
By Rina Saeed Khan

Pakistan.  Less consideration is being shown in Pakistan to the Islamists who have been trying to stop everything from book fairs to kite-flying. Rina Saeed Khan writes about her often criticised country.

Article published in Fönstret, #3 2018. Full article (in Swedish) herehttps://www.fonstret.se/artikelarkivet/kulturland/ny-sida/


Vibrant culture on the streets of Bolivia

Article published in Fönstret
November 2017
By Rocio Lloret 

Bolivia. The cultural life in Bolivia’s two biggest cities depicts a modern country full of ambition, yet deeply anchored in history, religion, and cultural identity.
It is 850 kilometers between the financial hub of Santa Cruz and the political capital La Paz, a journey that starts in a tropical climate and ends in the Andes, 3 900 metres above sea level.
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She sews your clothes

Article published in Fönstret
15 May 2017
By Sushmita Preetha
Photos: Taslima Akhter

Bangladesh. Renu Begum started working in a sweatshop in Dhaka as a twelve year old, and barely remembers what her life looked like before then. She is a widow and the sole provider for her children, so she works as much as she can but on her meagre salary it is difficult to make ends meet. She has to work overtime every day.

The working days are long. Renu knows she sews clothes for many different brands but cannot read the labels. However, she can read the price tags and is amazed by how the clothes can be so expensive when her salary is so low?

Full article  (in Swedish) here: http://www.fonstret.se/Artikelarkivet/Reportage/Hon-syr-dina-klader/