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90 rape threats per minute at news agency Rappler

Article published in Feministiskt Perspektiv
1/5 2018
By Purple Romero.

The Philippines. The news agency Rappler fights against explicit threats from the country’s president Rodrigo Duerte, and increasingly far-reaching attempts to silence them and make it impossible to work. The news agency is mainly run by women, and sexist attacks and threats are an everyday occurrence for the journalists.

Threats of rape, gang rape and murder is common for Pia Ranada, one of the agency’s journalists.

-Many of the threats and insults are personal, and the sexual threats are often visual. Some people find old photographs and use them to make “memes” of me or to post insulting comments.

This harsh approach is used by those who support president Duerte. The president is brutish and populist, but also charismatic and won the elections in 2016 with a record number of votes. Duerte’s “war against drugs” has led to 3 906 suspected drug abusers and pushers have been murdered. However, human rights organisations say the real number of people killed could be as high as 12 000.

Pia Ranada’s main focus is to watch the executive powers. Those who support Duerte mock Pia Ranada and tell her things like “pray that you’re not on the list of those due to get killed today” or that they “hope you get raped”.

Article published in Feministiskt Perspektiv, 1/5 2018. Full article (in Swedish) here: