Women violently punished

Article published in Expressen
16 May 2016
By Sushmita Preetha
Photos: Prabir Das /  Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin / Taslima Akhter

Bangladesh. Sara Hossain has been a solicitor at the Supreme Court in Bangladesh since 1992, and she is one of the strongest voices against ingrained patriarchal structures within the country’s juridical system.

Earlier this year, she was awarded the International Women of Courage Award from the American Foreign Office for her achievements. One of the reasons for her nomination was her victory in her fight against the fatwa, a religious decree issued by muslim scholars and often used in village courts to motivate violence against women. Through the fatwas, women are publicly punished for things like rape, infidelity, and extramarital pregnancies. The punishments range from shaving the woman’s hair off and social exclusion to whipping and stoning.

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