The Philippines

90 rape threats per minute at news agency Rappler

Article published in Feministiskt Perspektiv
1 May 2018
By Purple Romero
Photos: Fruhlein Econar

The Philippines. The news agency Rappler fights against explicit threats from the country’s president Rodrigo Duerte, and increasingly far-reaching attempts to silence them and make it impossible to work. The news agency is mainly run by women, and sexist attacks and threats are an everyday occurrence for the journalists.

Threats of rape, gang rape and murder is common for Pia Ranada, one of the agency’s journalists.

“Many of the threats and insults are personal, and the sexual threats are often visual. Some people find old photographs and use them to make ‘memes’ of me or to post insulting comments”, Ranada says.


Women’s fight for divorce

Article published in Göteborgsposten
8 March 2018
By Purple Romero

The Philippines. The first time Jona’s husband hit her they had been married for eleven years. Soon the abuse became a routine, and when he started hitting the children too Jona chose to escape. But she is still married to him – the Philippines is one of only two countries in the world that does not allow divorces.

“I feel like a prisoner in this marriage”, says Jona. “I want to get a divorce but I can’t, as it’s not allowed. They say that matrimony is holy, but don’t they care about those of us who are suffering?”

The resistance comes mainly from the catholic church, which has considerable power over public opinion.The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) have tirelessly opposed the attempts of legalising divorce, as they believe it would be “against family and against matrimony”. All attempts have either failed or fizzled out as the legislators don’t want to lose the support of the influential catholic bishops.

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Agriculture hit hard by El Niño

Article published in Göteborgsposten
8 August 2016
By Purple Romero
Photos: Veejay Villafranca

The Philippines. The province of Isabela in the Philippines has been badly affected by the weather phenomenon El Niño, and worst hit is the city of Cabagan.
“It’s never been this bad”, says Dominga Bucag who, despite the warnings, decided to grow corn. “The crops didn’t even survive through April”

El Niño doesn’t exist because of climate change, but its effect is enhanced by the fact that climate change brings heat. Isabela’s 85 000 corn farmers were doubly hit because of a combination of two weather phenomena: As well as El Niño, the province was hit by the typhon Melor, which caused massive amounts of flooding.


Ging has fought for LGBTQ rights for fifteen years

Article published in Fria Tidningen
24 July 2015

By Purple Romero

The Philippines. For fifteen years Ging Cristobal has fighted for LGBTQ people’s rights and for laws against discrimination in the Philippines. She tells us about life as a lesbian and the fight in a country that slowly gets better.

Ging Cristobal grew up in the southern Philippines with her family. When she realised she was a lesbian she didn’t even know what to call herself.

“I couldn’t imagine that a lesbian woman could have a family or be successful, I was scared there was no future for me.”

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