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With the land free from mines, she started growing coffee beans

Article published in Svenska Dagbladet, from the series Hon jobbar för dig (She works for you)
17 December 2018
By Constanza Bruno Solera
Photos: Gerald Bermudez

Colombia. It wasn’t until after her divorce that Emilse Naranjo was recognised for her coffee. Today she makes a relatively good living selling her beans to Europe.
“Making good coffee requires, patience, care, and love. It’s like making a nice soup”, she says.

Full article (in Swedish) here:–da-borjade-hon-odla-kaffe

Colombia – magical and multicultural

Article published in Fönstret
By Constanza Bruno

The country of magical realism is also the country of pluralism. There are a mix of ethnicities here: native, black, white, mestizo, and romani. But Colombians identify more with the region they’re from, like costeños (those from the coast), paisas (from the mountains) or rolos (from the capital Bógota and the inner parts of the country). Each group speaks with its own accent and has its own customs.

Full article (in Swedish) here:–magiskt-och-multikulturellt/