Bumpy road to equality for Tunisia’s women

Article published in Svenska Dagbladet
9 December 2015
By Shahira Amin
Photos: Anis Mili

Tunisia. The network Tha’era is an organisation working to promote democracy and women’s political engagement.
“There needs to be a shift in the way both women and men think”, says Ommezine Khelifa.

Before the revolution Ommezine Khelifa, engineer and policital activist, had a top job in the finance sector in France. But since the Arab Spring 2011, she’s back in Tunisia.
“When I heard about the protests in Tunisia I didn’t think twice, but packed my bags. I clearly felt that I had a part to play in the movement for change”, says Ommezine.

Full article (in Swedish) here: http://www.svd.se/knagglig-vag-mot-jamlikhet-for-tunisiens-kvinnor/om/idagsidan

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