A flourishing container economy in Kenya

Article published in Göteborgsposten
By Kimani Chege

Nairobi. Lately, shipping containers have revolutionised business in Kenya. The containers are renovated and put to new uses, such as shops, offices and homes. They are appreciated for their safety, their relatively low cost and for being reasonably easy to move.

Josphat Mwangi who sells food and household items in a refurbished container appreciates the location right behind a police station, as well as the durability. Nobody can break in, because the shipping container is made from such sturdy materials, he says.

But although shipping containers are getting increasingly popular, supply is scarce.

-Kenya’s trade volumes are pretty low and there is no abundance of shipping containers in the country, says David Nahinga, owner of the shipping container company Ujenzi Bora.

When it comes to containers as homes, people remain skeptical. According to Nahinga, this is because houses with metal walls, “mabati”, with poverty and low status.

Article published in Göteborgsposten 15/10-2017. Full article (in Swedish) here: http://www.gp.se/nyheter/v{9e78cf8d5a9ae6e82d29a8df4b273023a3380ebfd48f1a18a2e2cfa634ecec51}C3{9e78cf8d5a9ae6e82d29a8df4b273023a3380ebfd48f1a18a2e2cfa634ecec51}A4rlden/en-blomstrande-containerekonomi-i-kenya-1.4734156

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