Thelma Chikwanha

Thelma Chikwanha, Zimbabwe

Thelma Chikwanha is a freelance journalist with focus on human rights, gender, and politics for national and international media. She also works as a communications officer for Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR). Before ZLHR she was a Political Editor for the national daily newspaper The Daily Star. She has worked for both privately owned and state controlled media.

Thelma is also a part of a pioneering project in Zimbabwe regarding investigative journalism which focuses on corruption within public office.
Thelma Chikwanha has written several articles for Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgsposten and Fria Tidningen. On the World Press Freedom Day 2016 she described life as a journalist in Zimbabwe in Svenska Dagbladet (article in Swedish):

Foto: Kristina Sälgvik

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